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Allen Floors is a company of local best friends who have nearly 40 combined years of flooring experience in the Allen, McKinney and the DFW metroplex areas. All of us have run, managed or been owners of various chain and local floor stores. What we've strived to create is an economy friendly environment for ourselves, our installers and of course our customers. Come by our store and you will find a small but efficient no nonsense place to shop. While keeping our overhead as low as our vast experience will let us, we have fit as many samples of the best brands available into our 2500sf showroom. Low overhead and financial equality are the biggest reasons we can save you money. Lower margins are only possible by spending less and not having to hit enforced quotas that are common to this industry. We will never try to make a whole months profit off just one job. We also want your friends and family's business.


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We've all seen business plans based on an endless supply of customers coming thru the door, that can't all be serviced properly. We will never be too big to not care if someone falls thru the cracks and we are too small to let it happen, we all watch each others backs and yours too. We only use the few installation crews that we have known and trusted for 6 to 10 years, so we all know exactly who is in your house at any given time. Most flooring sales staff have no idea who installs your floors and many might not care how their installers are selected or treated. We always have a direct line to them and you will too. There will be no installation runaround with us, we think you deserve and expect to hear the truth. We know you can handle it and we can too. We have no fancy software that helps keep the excuses straight. 

Installation is the key to success but prices are the key to sales. We can get any product that is available and want to sell the customer exactly what they want, not try to switch you to a product that has had many containers imported into the area and desperately needs to be sold off in order to pay rent to store it and pay for the next load. Allen Floors has no money tied up in surplus goods that sell only because they are cheap. We save by keeping a low overhead and pass that savings on to you. From us you get exactly what you want and expect from reliable national brands. We see your money thrown away on ego boosting, cheap product relabeling, expensive storefronts, massive advertising and huge, productless showroom "warehouses".  If you are in need of flooring come see what we have to offer. We promise to be at least 10% less on any written bid, often supplying a much better product.  We here at Allen Floors want to have a happy customer and make an honest living not have happy corporate owners and customers who were sold the stock that the happy corporate owners needed to move and may or may not be what you the customer wanted or needed. We love our customers and the flooring industry and want to be able to sleep at night knowing we have done right by you.   


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