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Tile Flooring

Not all tile is the same, and it shouldn't be laid like it is.
We have perfected the most effective way to lay and protect it to last longer than the big box stores! 
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The arrival of new ceramic tile flooring is no exception, especially when one realizes that tile, like any floor covering, impacts interior beauty, design, décor, comfort, livability and upkeep. It’s a truth of housing: floor coverings can make, or break a home. 

Being ready for the installation of your new tile will make the entire process go faster, more efficiently, and hopefully eliminate any “surprises.” That is why here at Allen Floors, we will work with you to understand each step of the process to getting your new tile flooring installed! 

Key Benefits

  • Extremely elegant and stylish
  • High durability for wear-and-tare
  • Easy maintenance for cleaning up spills


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